Catalogue list by genre


for soprano and string orchestra
text by Rainer Maria Rilke

(2023) – 18

PWM 2024
commissioned by FIMS Fribourg


for 6 performers

(2023) – 16

commissioned by Les Percussions de Strasbourg 

Catless Smile

hologram opera for children
after Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass and Alice in Wonderland.

(2023) – 40

commissioned by Warsaw Autumn Festival and Gulliver Puppet Theater

connect 2

for Piccolo Flute and Kanklės /or Grand Piano/

(2023) – ca 7

commissioned by the festival “Muzika erdvėje” and LENsemble 
for the project “Music for Vilnius” on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of Vilnius

Schedule for Harmony of the Spheres

for vocal sextet or choir
text by Stanisław Lem
English translation: Tomasz Zymer

(2022) – ca 12

PWM 2022
commissioned by  Westdeutscher Rundfunk
for Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik 

Outside the Realm of Time

for hologram-soloist and orchestra
text by Marcel Proust
(2022) – 25

PWM 2022
commissioned by Südwestrundfunk

Piano Concerto No.2

for piano(s) and orchestra
(2021) – ca 25

PWM 2022
commissioned by London Philharmonic Orchestra & Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra

3 Songs

for self-accompanied singer
(2021) – ca 15’

commissioned by Eclat Festival in Stuttgart



for percussion and ensemble
(2021) – ca 20’

commissioned by Koussevitzky Music Foundation in the Library of Congress


Memory of Bronze

for carillon
(2021) – 16’
commissioned by Museum of Gdansk, The city of Gdansk

Unisono III

for voice, cello and computer
(2020) – 6’
commissioned by Inbal Segev
as part of the 20 for 2020 Recording Project


for ensemble
(2020) – 19’
PWM 2020
commissioned by Radio France and Ensemble InterContemporain



for solo Bass Drum
(2020) – ca 7-8’
commissioned by Ensemble InterContemporain and Théâtre du Châtelet



for trumpet, trombone and tuba
(2020) – 9’
PWM 2020
commissioned by Linea Ensemble


piano piano but not pianissimo

for piano(s) solo
(2019) – 10’



for ensemble
(2019) – 20’

PWM 2019
commissioned by 2e2m Ensemble


Chamber Piano Concerto

for piano(s) and ensemble
(2018) – ca 13’
PWM 2018
commissioned by Südwestrundfunk



for large symphony orchestra
(2018) – 8’
PWM 2018
commissioned by Adam Mickiewicz Institute


Cleopatra’s Songs

for voice and instrumental ensemble
text by William Shakespeare
(2017) – 30’
PWM 2018
written on the occasion of the Erste Bank Kompositionspreis 2018


Mother Lode I-III

chamber works cycle
(2017) – ca 21′

commissioned by Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra


for two voices, instrumental ensemble and electronics
text by Heiner Müller
(2016) – ca 100′

PWM 2018
commissioned by Klangforum Wien and Adam Mickiewicz Institute


In the Shade of an Unshed Tear

for orchestra
(2016) – 15′

PWM 2016
commissioned by Seattle Symphony

Double Battery

for instrumental ensemble
ossia: with augmented sound space
(2016) – ca 20′
commissioned by Ensemble InterContemporain

The Alphabet of the Ars Brevis

for two male voices
(2016) – ca 4′
commissioned by Musikprotokoll


for four improvising musicians
(2016) – 36’

commissioned by festival Musica Polonica Nova


Chapter 13

for soprano and instrumental ensemble
text by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
(2015) – 9’
commissioned by Los Angeles Philharmonic



for five voices
(2015) – 10’
commissioned by Westdeutschen Rundfunks
for Neue Vocalsolisten


Violin Concerto

for violin and chamber orchestra
(2014) – 13’
commissioned by Collections – Composers’ Commissions of Institute of Music and Dance

Where to

for instrumental ensemble
(2014) – 20’
commissioned by TenFourteen LLC, an arm of the Jebediah Foundation
for San Francisco Contemporary Music Players


for solo violin
(2013/2014) – ca 5’30”


for large symphony orchestra
(2013) – 12’30
commissioned by Hannoversche Gesellschaft für Neue Musik
for Staatsoper Hannover


for mixed choir
to poetry by William Shakespeare
(2013) – 7’30
commissioned by Wratislavia Cantans Festival

In Between the Ebb of Thoughts and the Flow of Sleep

for voice, piano and string orchestra
to poetry by Tadeusz Dąbrowski
(2013) – 14’30
commissioned by Collections – Composers’ Commissions of Institute of Music and Dance

Percussion Store

for percussion ensemble and orchestra
(2012) – ca 15’
commissioned by The Karol Szymanowski Philharmonic in Cracow


What is the word

for voice and instrumental ensemble
texy by Samuel Beckett
(2012) – ca 10’
commissioned by Klangforum Wien

Wounded Angel

for double bell trumpet
(2009/2012) – ca 8’


for voice and instrumental ensemble
text by Wisława Szymborska
(2011) – ca 10’
commissioned by Polish Institute in Tel Aviv

Shades of Ice

for clarinet, cello and electronics
(2011) – ca 9’
commissioned by London Sinfonietta

The Streets of a Human City

for instrumental ensemble
(2011) – 16’
commissioned by Deutschlandfunk
for Warsaw Autumn Festival

Aphorisms on Miłosz

for soprano and instrumental ensemble
text by Czesław Miłosz
(2011) – 20’
commissioned by Sacrum Profanum Festival


for percussion trio
(2011) – 14’


dramopera for soloists, actors, choir, three percussion and electronics
Libretto: Maja Kleczewska after Aeschylus, in Maciej Słomczyński’s translation
(2011) – ca 80’
commissioned by Teatr Wielki – National Opera in Warsaw

Not I

for voice, instrumental ensemble and electronics
text by Samuel Beckett
(2010) – ca 21′

Symphony No. 3

for double bell trumpet and symphony orchestra
(2009) – ca 25′
scholarship of Rockefeller Foundation


for voice, electronics and dancers
(2008) – 51′

of Songs

for soprano, cello, choir and orchestra
(2007) – ca 40′
commissioned by City of Wroclaw
for Wratislavia Cantans Festival


for voice, flute, clarinet, violin and cello
text by Samuel Beckett
(2007) – ca 15′
commissioned by Seattle Chamber Players

Maximum Load

for percussion and computer
(2006) – 14′

String Quartet No. 1

for four cellos and computer
(2006) – ca 12’
commissioned by Ultraschall Festival in Berlin

Symphony No. 2

for 77 performers
(2005) – ca 14’
commissioned by Deutsche Welle

Concerto grosso

for recorder, baroque violin, harpsichord and choir
text by Miron Białoszewski
(2004) – ca 18’


for voice and preprared piano
text by Natasza Goerke
(2004) – ca 16′

Unisono II

for voice, accordion and computer
(2003) – 9′

Unisono I

for voice, percussion and computer
(2003) – 6’


for four marimbas
(2003) – 8’

Symphony No. 1

for orchestra
(2002) – 15’


for string orchestra, voice and accordion
(2001) – 13’
commissioned by Warsaw Autumn Festival and Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung


for five percussionists
(2001) – 16’

Trivellazione a percussione

for percussion solo
(2000) – ca 8’


for voice and computer
(2000) – ca 8’

Photographs from an Album

for marimba and string quartet
(2000) – ca 17’



for bassoon and string orchestra
(1999) – 12’

Ludia i Fu

for guitar solo
(1999) – ca 6’
Edition Modran 2000 


for mixed choir
text by Jan Twardowski
(1999) – 5’ 

A Song about the End of the World

for voice, reciter and instrumental ensemble
text by Czesław Miłosz
(1998) – 10’

Three Miniatures

for piano
(1998) – 5’


for mixed choir
text by Wisława Szymborska
(1998) – 4’


for violin solo
(1997) – 8’
(Anthology of Contemporary Music)

Lumière pour percussion solo

(1997) – ca 10’

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