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“With each new score and each performance, the artist’s development gains momentum. 2016 has seen major events in her career. On 19th January her Chapter 13, commissioned by Los Angeles Philharmonic, was premiered at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. On 21st May in Wrocław, Ensemble InterContemporain under Guillaume Bourgogne gave the first performance of Zubel’s Double Battery, composed especially for this French group. On 27th October, In the Shade of an Unshed Tear (a Seattle Symphony commission) will have its world premiere in Seattle,” we read in the commentary on Agata Zubel’s nomination for the Coryphaeus Award.
The Coryphaeus of Polish Music Award was founded in 2011 on the initiative of Poland’s music circles. It is granted by the music environment to its most eminent representatives: persons, artistic groups and institutions active in various fields of Polish music, specialising in different genres and historical periods. The award can be conferred on composers, performers, musicologists, critics, journalists, humanities experts, researchers, music life animators, culture promoters and managers, artistic groups, as well as institutions, artistic events and projects related to music performance, culture promotion and education.
The Awards in the categories of: Personality of the Year, Event of the Year and Honorary Award – are granted by an Electoral College consisting of vice-chancellors of music academies and universities, directors of institutes of musicology, journalists working for music-related media and representatives of professional unions and organisations, as well as all the previous winners in these categories.
The winners of Coryphaeus Awards of the Polish music world have been presented with statuettes designed by Prof. Adam Myjak.




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