History of Vocal Music A-Z


Agata Zubel
Arte Dei Suonatori

Henry Purcell
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Franz Schubert
Manuel de Falla
Wojciech Widłak
Karlheinz Stockhausen
This new project, prepared in collaboration with a leading early music ensemble – Arte Dei Suonatori, is not so much about contrasting radically different aesthetics as about finding a common denominator and disproving the myth of impassable boundaries of expression. The project draws on the timeless quality in music. In simple terms - Mozart and Stockhausen meet in Wonderland.
[...] It all began with an earthquake, and then only became stronger, fuller, and more intense. The programme is made up of works by six composers, performed alternately [...]. What we witnessed was the most beautiful kind of theatrical spectacle possible – also because it told the story of the various aspects of a woman’s soul (and body too, to some extent). Agata Zubel, along with the excellent musicians of the Arte Dei Suonatori orchestra: Aureliusz Goliński (violin), Ewa Golińska (violin), Anna Nowak-Pokrzywińska (viola), Tomasz Pokrzywiński (cello) and Marcin Świątkiewicz (harpsichord) – created a multifaceted portrait of a woman, from pain and desire to despair, from longing and tears to joy, laughter and understanding. This is how this tale told in songs and arias ends: with understanding and acceptance for the never-ending tensions of human love (in this case – one between man and woman) […]
Tomasz Cyz, “Ruch Muzyczny”