Agata Zubel
Cezary Duchnowski
piano, computer

ElettroVoce Duo arose out of the collaboration of two composers: Agata Zubel and Cezary Duchnowski. Both are characterized by a unique approach to music - fascination with timbre, an expansion of performance resources, eternal seeking. For Zubel, who is also active as an avantgarde vocalist, there is a desire to discover a new means of vocal expression; for Duchnowski, it is a search for new contexts for traditional instruments. This found particular expression in the utilization of the human voice and the new possibilities afforded by the computer. 

ElettroVoce Duo has performed at numerous contemporary music Festivals in Poland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Denmark, Latvia, Ukraine, and Russia. Their interpretations (often their own compositions) have been recorded many times by Polish Radio, as well as presented by radio and television broadcasters. In 2005 the artists received a special prize at the prestigious International Gaudeamus Interpreters Competition, in 2008 Wroclaw Music Award for CD “ElettroVoce”. 

Cezary Duchnowski - monada 3 for voice, piano and computer
Cezary Duchnowski - Disheveled Grasses for voice and computer
Agata Zubel - Parlando for voice and computer
Agata Zubel - Stories for voice and prepared piano
Duchnowski/Zubel - Szymborskian Improvisations
Duchnowski/Zubel - Szymanki Kurpianowskie
Alejandro Vlñao - Chant d'Ailleurs for voice and computer
Alejandro Vlñao - Hildegard's Dream for voice and computer
Jean-Claude Risset - Invisible for voice and computer
Kaija Saariaho - Lohn for voice and computer
Sławomir Kupczak - Akwaforta for voice and electronics
Sławomir Kupczak - Anafora VII for voice, piano and electronics
Ryszard Osada - Mimesis for voice, prepared piano and electronics
Michał Talma-Sutt - Vox moduli for voice and computer

other projects

Hommage à Fryderyk Chopin
impressions of the Preludes of Fryderyk Chopin
El Derwid
Blots on the Sun. El-Derwid
arrangement of Witold Lutosławski's Songs
Szymanki Kurpianowskie
inspired by Kurpian Songs of Karol Szymanowski
The Star
for voice and electronics 
Chamber opera of Zygmunt Krauze