The Fall of the House of Usher


Philip Glass
Arthur Yorinks, Philip Glass
after a story by
Edgar Allan Poe
Agata Zubel Madeline Usher
Brian Stucki Roderick Usher
Adam Szerszeń William
Czesław Gałka Servan
Krzysztof Szmyt Doctor
Barbara Wysocka direction
Magdalena Musiał set design and costumes
Tomasz Wygoda movement
Justyna Łagowska lighting design
Lea Mattausch projections
Orchestra of the Polish National Opera
Wojciech Michniewski  conductor
Recorded live November 22nd, 2009
in Polish National Opera 
in Warsaw
Set somewhere between the reality and hallucinations, with many things remaining unsaid,The Fall of the House of Usher is a story of passion evocatively building a feeling of dread. The action takes place in the title house, which according to Lovecraft, shares with its inhabitants the same soul. The opera is based on a famous story by Edgar Alan Poe, a dark stories’master, and stays a masterpiece of gothic horror continuously fascinating and inspiring artist. In a repetitive style, typical of him, Philip Grass reveals the secrets of the unusual house and its residents inevitably heading for death.